Pope Lee II

Lee of the Day: A History

This was suggested by Don Venticinque because of his infatuation with peeping at old men through windows.
I used a pic I found on the net to make the Popemobile as accurate as possible, (right down to the tire pressure).
This is a rare Lee that features an appearance of a previous Lee.
Speed Racer Lee can’t go too fast though, because the Popemobile only goes XV m.p.h.

Edward Scissorhands Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

This one is definitely in my top 19 Tim Burton references, and at least top 5 overall.
Notice that his mouth is making that trademark Depp pout?
I spare no detail…

Unpopular High School Lee (aka Atomic Wedgie Lee)

Lee of the Day: A History

This is Lee in high school even though he defends that he was not so skinny.
Nevertheless, his facial hair is grown in poorly and he is wearing an ‘I love Alf’ ringer tee.
The atomic wedgie was easy to do, but recreating it in the mirror (which floats behind lee at all times, I assume) was the tough task.
I actually had a complaint that there were no skid marks on the underwear.
You people need to grow up.

Gandalf The Gray Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

He is Gandalf the Gray, but conversion of this Lee onto the website has seemingly renamed him ‘Gandalf the Perriwinkle Blue’.
There is just a certain color gray that I use that changes into this color on the web for whatever reason…
We are going to have to deal with it because I change for no one.