Connect The Dots Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

This one was way too popular to be one that was made in less than 10 minutes.
People were actually printing it out and connecting the dots.
It was madness.

I am Spock Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

<image has been lost>
Pointy ears, pointy eyebrows and a pointy place in my heart.
This is logically the best Lee around.

Genie Of The Lamp Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

I enjoyed this one even though it seemed to rub some people the wrong way.
(Someone actually called it a half-assed Lee).
I think it is at least 5/8-assed…

George Jetson And Mr Space-Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

This is one of the only Lees where he is facing to the right.
(I know, I am keeping much too close an eye on these stats)
Originally, Mr. Space-Lee was standing next to George, but then I remembered the multiple monitor scenes and it just went from there.

Kiddie Pool Drowning Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

The last day of “Unsuccessful Suicide Week” led to Lee attempting to drown himself.
Being piss poor, however, Lee does not have access to a decent swimming pool so he uses the kiddie pool out back.

Two things to note:
Yep, that’s the kid from Thanksgiving, and also Lee can stand straight up with a boulder tied to his chest because his lumbar region is made of titanium alloy, (what they use on the space shuttle).

Flintstones Vitamins Over-Dose Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Day two of “Unsuccessful Suicide Week” brought us this classic:
Lee tries to overdose on pills, but only has access to economy sized bottles of vitamins thus making him grow several feet.
(As noted by the measuring stick)
Unlike the others of this theme, I forgot to add in the note.

Zero Gravity Hanging Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Ever had a bad week and you just wanted to commit homicide on a beloved cartoon icon?
Well this was the start of ”Unsuccessful Suicide Week”.
(Stop groaning)
These Lees turned out to be funny, but some people have a bad feeling about just seeing the word suicide.
Anyway, here is Lee trying to hang himself under zero gravity conditions.
Relax, the rope isn’t even tight around his neck…