Brave the Commute Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

This Lee is the result of the 2005 Blizzard and my own idiotic attempt to come in to work even though the building was closed.
(I am a sucker for the MBTA, I suppose)
I had the most fun drawing the tiny Patriots logo on Lee’s jacket.

Say Anything Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Lee never looked so much like Cusack as he does here. (It wasn’t complete until I paled up the skin a little).
Just incase anyone actually cares, I brought back and re-colored the same hightops I used for Millee Vanillee, and I’ll probably re-use that boombox if I ever do a “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogalee”.
Here’s hoping.

On a side note (this is the real Lee), I took one of those stupid online quiz things and I was told that I am most like the 80’s movie character Lloyd Dobbler from Say Anything, played by John Cusack.

JuLee Andrews

Lee of the Day: A History

Wow, two female Lees in a row.
This one took a while because nothing but the face is original Lee.
If you look close, you can see the cables holding him up…

I Dream of Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

This Lee contains five different shades of pink!
Combine that with see-through pants and we have a very seductive man servant.


Lee of the Day: A History

This is my second attempt at making Lee into some kind of clown and I feel this one worked out a little better.
This is also the Lee with the shortest title, just don’t confuse it with M.C. Lee.

Boy Wonder Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

I decided to use the classic Burt Ward style for this Lee, which is way more suitable than the current masculine costumes Robin wears.

Celtics Mascot Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

I had Celtics Tickets for last night but couldn’t go. Here is the next best thing: Lee dressed as the Celtics Mascot Lucky, along with trademark wink.