Barely a Threat Cobra Kai Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Not all Cobra Kai’s are threatening black-belts.
Here, Lee is still working his way up through the ranks, but hardly has the skills to ruin beach parties or run someone off the road with a four-wheeler.

Extreme Makeover Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Lee has been reborn and is trendier than ever!
Be sure to mouse-over body parts for info on the After pic, and look for Lee’s cameo on an all-new episode of Laguna Beach!

Top of head: ‘Hair Plugs’
Sideburn: ‘Legitimate Sideburn Transplant from Donor’
Face(Nose area): ‘Spray-On Tan’
Chin: ‘Superhero Chin Implant’
Black chord on Left: ‘Hand-Free Cell Phone’
Silver chord on Right: ‘Listening to The Killers on iPod’
Mouth: ‘Removal of World’s Oldest Goatee’
Sternum: ‘Pectoral Implant’
Abdomen: ‘$87 Trendy Tee Shirt (slightly untucked)’
Left arm Tatt: ‘Tattoo of Own Name’
Left arm bracelet: ‘Livestrong Bracelet’
Pants: ‘Non-Thrift Store Jeans’
Shoes: ‘K-Swiss Footwear’