Weeble Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

I used to have a Bert (of Bert and Ernie) Weeble when I was a kid and that thing never fell down.
It was made in this kind of fashion where it was a picture of the character behind a sheet of plastic.
Now Weebles are way too detailed for my liking.
It’s a good thing I out grew them when I had the chance.

Shrek Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

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Shrek 2 comes out on DVD today to take away from the box office sales of Pixar’s new film The Incredibles.
Polls are showing that boys ages 5-8 are more interested in The Incredibles, but Shrek 2 will get a stronger backing from the Stoners.

Wreckless Drunken Hooligan Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Ahh, I’ve waited a long time to show Lee’s support of the Boston Red Sox.
(I didn’t want to jinx anything)
Here is Lee celebrating with all of his drunken buddies outside Fenway Park after the Sox won the World Series for the 6th time in just 101 years.
Here’s to the team.

Village People Of The Damned Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

This was another combined suggestion Lee that was just right for Halloween.
Don V. suggested Village People Lee (probably because of his infatuation with handlebar moustaches) and I had Village of the Damned Lee already in the works.
The combination of the two is a lot better than either could have been alone.

Eddie Munster Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Wow, I almost let Halloween sneak by without a few good Lees to celebrate.
This Lee is actually a copy of the one Lee himself wore to a Halloween Party last year.
He won the prize for, “Most Butch Costume”

Bumblelion Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

I can’t believe it took me almost a year before I made a Wuzzles Lee.
This is actually a triple Wuzzle because it is bumble bee, lion, and Lee combined.
An innovation like this could have helped the struggling cartoon along.

Cubbi Gummi Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

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You can’t look at this Lee without singing that Gummi Bears theme song, can you?
By the way, the Red Sox are about to start a World Series and here I am making pictures of people I know dressed as pink cartoon bears.

The Peculiar Purple Pieman Of Porcupine Peak Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Season 3 of Lee of the Day starts off with an incrediblee vague ’80s cartoon reference:
The bad guy from Strawberry Shortcake!
(What a proud moment this must be for my father)
If this is any indication as to what we can expect from the next 6 months of Lee of the Day, then you had better get ready to say, ”Who?!”