Leester Island

Lee of the Day: A History

Too much Discovery Channel lately, I guess.
Also, I am enjoying the creative functions of the large-Lee face.
The past two are way better than the Kool-Aid Man Lee.

Nacho Leebre

Lee of the Day: A History

Recently I saw a movie poster for a Jack Black film due out this summer.
The obligatory Lee inspired by the costume and title just couldn’t wait until July.

Tasteless Moments in ”Rock, Paper, Scissors History” Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Truly tasteless indeed.
In this image, Lee has confused the Black Power salute given by the two American Athletes for a rousing game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Unfortunately, it looks as though he is giving a salute of his own.
I hope this cartoon doesn’t incite a riot anywhere.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Inspired by the classic album cover, I have replaced the image of Neil Young with Lee.
Neil never really liked being with those guys anyway.

Jean Chretien’s Day Off Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Kristen P. of Ontario suggested a Jean Chretien Lee.
Here’s what I know about Jean: He was Prime Minister of Canada from 1993 to 2003, and he seems to only talk out of the lower-left side of his mouth.
I assume that on his days off, he hang glides from the CN Tower in Toronto.
At least this would make Jean Chretien more exciting…

Ready to Burst Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Gross, right?
This Lee was inspired by Utah Jay’s life-threatening Appendicitis.
It wasn’t as life-threatening as it was Karmic, but whatever.
Feel better soon, buddy!

Looking For His Stolen Bike Ghost Rider Lee

Lee of the Day: A History

Rounding out our Down on their Luck Superheroes theme is this masterpiece.

Sure, getting your bike stolen is a drag.
But Ghost Rider Lee got a hot tip that his stolen bike is being kept in the basement of the Alamo.